Our Performance

Canada Company takes pride in finding meaningful ways to support the men and women who serve in our Canadian Armed Forces.

We are program builders, not fundraisers. Regarded by military leaders, political and business leaders, community, and media Canada Company has been delivering meaningful programs to serve the men, women, families and Veterans who have served our country.

At Canada Company, we use a variety of metrics to measure our programs and the impact our donors’ support has made. Ensuring the proper balance between program cost coverage, fundraising, and administrative costs maximizes the impact of all donations.

Serving Those Who Serve Us

Canada Company is a strong program builder with the reputation for developing and delivering tangible results. All donations go directly towards improving the quality of life for Canadian military members, their families, and our veterans.

Proud of the programs and services that we believe will build a better Canada, our programs:

  • Support our Canadian military members and their families
  • Recognize our Canadian Armed Forces and their service to our country
  • Educate our civilian members about military matters
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange between our business, community, and military leaders

Credibility – 4% Fundraising Ratio!

Canada Company is committed to serving those who serve us, with transparency and integrity.

Canada Company continues to show a strong fundraising ratio, and of every one dollar donated to Canada Company, 89¢ goes directly to our key stakeholders for the development, execution, and offering of programs.

Annual Reports and Audits