Our Initiatives

Through scholarship programs, education, knowledge exchange initiatives, and charitable endeavours, Canada Company serves our country, and our veterans. Some of the most prominent and well-known initiatives that Canada Company offers include our Scholarship Program, Strategic Knowledge Exchange events, and the LAV III Monument Program.

Whether through well-established programs, monetary, or in-kind donations, Canada Company works to serve those who serve us by providing support for Canadian military members, their families, and our veterans.

How We Deliver

Supporting Our Legacy

Canada Company is honoured to provide access to post-secondary education to children of fallen soldiers through its Scholarship Program.

Students supported through funding to-date

Awarded in scholarships

Educating Our Nation

The Strategic Knowledge Exchange (SKE) initiative brings together Canada’s military and business leaders to engage in “real” conversations on shared topics of interest. Canada Company provides an exclusive, neutral platform for Canada’s top military personnel to engage our country’s top business leaders in discussions around immediate challenges facing the nation’s defence.

Attendees tuned into the first virtual SKE event

Our military leaders leave with actionable recommendations and transferrable solutions, while our business leaders leave inspired from this unique collaboration and armed with exclusive knowledge and expertise. With several national SKE events each year, Canada Company is helping foster a better Canada.

Due to COVID-19, the SKE program has moved online.

Celebrating Our Heroes

The Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) III Monument Program honours the legacy of our troops who served in Afghanistan and celebrates our local heroes across the country. This initiative also raises awareness of the issues faced by Canadian military families in our own communities.

Full-sized replica LAV III monuments inaugurated

Installments currently in progress

These monuments proudly commemorate our Canadian Armed Forces who served and sacrificed in Afghanistan from 2001–2014.