Many Ways to Serve

Canada Company takes pride in serving our country, and our veterans, in many ways – whether that be celebrating our military heroes and their families or fostering a mutually beneficial exchange between Canada’s remarkable military and our innovative Canadian business community.

Since 2006, Canada Company has been delivering successful programs and participating in charitable endeavours in honour of our troops.

Awarded in scholarships

Bursaries Presented to Cadets & Junior Canadian Rangers

Students and teachers influenced by the Je Me Souviens Program last year

Full-sized replica LAV III monuments inaugurated

What We Do

  • We support our Canadian military members and their families

  • We recognize our Canadian Armed Forces and their service to our country

  • We educate our civilian members about military matters

  • We facilitate exchange knowledge between our business, community, and military leaders


With your help, Canada Company proudly celebrates and honours our men and women in uniform. We support our military members and their families through our many initiatives, and work to ensure all Canadians benefit from the unique skillset and experience of our soldiers.

Supporters of Canada Company lend their voices, expertise, and resources to ensure our troops are supported and championed.

Serve those who bravely serve our nation.
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