Past Initiatives

Since 2006, Canada Company has proudly partnered with our members, donors, and sponsors to serve our Canadian military, their families, and our veterans through various programs and initiatives.

With many successful programs and initiatives to reflect on, we are proud to highlight our accomplishments in supporting our military veterans, and their families, as they transition into civilian careers.

Reservists Ready Campaign

Canada Company’s biggest accomplishment of 2020 was the Reservists Ready Campaign. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Reservists were called upon for service to help mitigate the spread. In response, we launched this Campaign to call upon Canadian businesses to support Reservist employees’ full-time service. We are incredibly proud of Reservists who answered the call.

The campaign received positive engagement on social media and overwhelming support from companies across the nation. Supporters include all of Canada’s largest banks, as well as national organizations such as General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), Loblaws Inc., and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. (MLSE). Many other Canadian organizations, big and small, also stepped up. The campaign also had the support of business-related associations such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Business Council of Canada, who shared the details of the Reservists Ready Campaign with their numerous members.

War Exclusion Clause

Canada Company successfully lobbied mortgage providers to amend mortgage life insurance policies for military members. Changes to the death or dismemberment in war zones clauses were put in place by all mortgage providers.

Camps for Children

During the Afghanistan conflict, Canada Company funded Camps for Children of Deployed Parents. Starting with 69 participants in Ontario, we expanded our support to allow 400 kids across Canada to experience these camps, including over 30 children with special needs.

Sharing the Sacrifice Project

Canada Company launched the Sharing the Sacrifice initiative which led to the Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program. Leading up to this, Canada Company worked with the C.D. Howe Institute in 2010 to produce a report titled “Supporting Employees Who Deploy: The Case for Financial Assistance to Employers of Military Reservists”, and with the Department of Finance on developing a template for funding that was included in the 2012 budget.

Guide on Military Culture and Competencies

To educate our civilian leaders and bridge the gap between the military and business community, Canada Company collaborated with CERIC to develop a guide on military culture and competencies.

Military Employment Transition (MET) Program

Since 2013, Canada Company has helped over 3,000 veterans find meaningful jobs and on-boarded more than 300 certified employer partners through our Military Employment Transition (MET) Program and MET Spouse Program.

Canada Company has been a catalyst for putting military career transition services on the national radar. Recognizing the need for support in the area of transition, Canada Company has played an important role in driving a supportive culture around helping military personnel obtain employment in the civilian workforce.

In 2018, funded by the Canadian government and supported by Veterans Affairs, the launch of the Military Transition Services marked the end of our MET and MET Spouse programs. Dedicated to providing the highest level of support to military families and veterans, Canada Company oversaw a seamless transition to this new government service and handled the closure of all aspects of the MET and MET Spouse programs with integrity.

Canada Company is extremely proud of our achievements through the MET and MET Spouse programs and the impact these programs have had on the lives of thousands of military families coast to coast.

It would have been inconceivable 15 years ago to see a time where business leaders are actively seeking to exploit the talents of our folks in service and to do the same with their families; where there are leaders, organizations, and advocates at large who are seeking to shape Canadian culture while enabling and supporting the entirety of our Canadian Force members in their career – with dignity and mutual benefit; and where our people in uniform themselves would see these things in action – be able to leverage them for their and business’ benefit – while remaining proud and a humble source of pride for their fellow citizens.

LGen (ret’d) Stu Beare, Former Commander Canadian Joint Operations Command, Strategic Advisor to Accenture, Public Safety and Defence

National Transition Exchange

In keeping with our commitment to serve those who served us, Canada Company hosted a series of annual National Transition exChange symposiums. From 2015 through 2017, these events brought together experts in transition to civilian careers, and connected Canadian veterans and transitioning service members with our Military Friendly Employer Partners.

The National Transition exChange also served to recognize the outstanding efforts of our Military Friendly Certified Employer Partners through the Top Employer Award ceremony and to celebrate the launch of MET Pathfinder.

With sincere gratitude for the committed MET Program members, employer partners, and generous sponsors, Canada Company is proud to ensure Canadian businesses and military veterans better understand how skills learned in the military can be leveraged within Canadian companies to build a better country.