Reservists Ready Campaign helps businesses assist in COVID-19 response

For Immediate Release: April 24, 2020

Toronto, Ontario—Canada Company, a national organization that supports, celebrates and honours our men and women in uniform, is asking businesses to support Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic through its Reservists Ready Campaign.

The Reservists Ready Campaign calls on Canadian businesses to pledge to allow employees who are Reservists to be available for full-time service in the fight to end the spread of COVID-19.

Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff, General Jonathan Vance, has stated that Canada is prepared to mobilize up to 24,000 soldiers to provide support for humanitarian and other responses to COVID-19. Up to 25% of this force will be Reserve members called up for full-time service.

Blake Goldring, Founder and Chair of Canada Company, says that because Reservists will play a key role in Canada’s national response, he encourages all businesses to pledge to make Reservist employees available should they be required.

“Canada Company would like to assist Reservists in answering the call in these challenging times,” says Goldring. “We are helping a growing coalition of businesses make it as easy as possible for employees to be available when needed.”

Commander of the Canadian Army, Lieutenant General Wayne D. Eyre, has expressed his support for Canada Company’s Reservists Ready Campaign, stating, “Our Army [has] not brought our Reservists onto full-time service at this scale, and in such a short time frame, since the start of the Second World War. So, the support of the business community across the country is warmly welcomed.”

Businesses and other organizations interested in learning more about the Reservists Ready Campaign, and taking the pledge, can contact:

Marie Claire Ouellette
Vice President, Administration
+1 647 -801-5210

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