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Scholarship Program

This program’s aim is to recognize the sacrifice Canada’s military members make in service to our country, and to honour their legacy through the children they have left behind. It includes children of military members who passed away due to PTSD. Eligible children receive $4,000.00 a year, for a maximum of four years, in scholarship for their college or university education.

Through Project Hero we also facilitate learning institutions providing free tuition or services to the children of the Fallen.

Je Me Souviens Program

The general aim of this program is to teach the Quebec secondary school students the special role military members from the province of Quebec played during wars and conflicts. The program offers easy to use tools to the teachers. In collaboration with the RMR and R22eR, the program is supported by artifacts from their regimental museum which offers the extra benefit of illustrating history with concrete and local examples.

A Day In The Life Of… Program

The aim of this program is to provide unique opportunities for civilian leaders to experience the leadership and intricacies of the military life first-hand. Spending time with the Air Force, a day doing combat maneuvers with the Army or three days at sea with the Navy are great team building activities that we make available to our contributors. Our program includes Exercise Collaborative Spirit in Ontario, Leaders at Sea in British Columbia, with others to come.

Cadets & Junior Canadian Rangers Bursary Program

The aim of this program is to recognize Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (JCRs) who exemplify attributes of leadership and citizenship and are motivated to pursue post-secondary education, vocation, or other learning opportunities. Annually, through the Cadets and JCR Bursary Program we award 24 bursaries of $1,000.00 to five JCR, four Sea Cadets, six Army Cadets and nine Air Cadets.

Camps for Children of Military Members Project

The aim of this project is to support children of military members, including children with special needs or living with a parent suffering from PTSD, to attend summer camps where they can evolve in a carefree environment filled with opportunities to learn, grow, create and play. Children attending camps also provides their family with much needed respite care.

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Aye Ready Program

The aim of this program is to provide timely, pointed and meaningful support for specific activities or requirements in support of military members and/or their families; either financially or through contacting the responsible authorities. Donations to Military Family Resource Centers, Padre Benevolent Funds, regimental organizations are just a few examples.

Appreciation Program

The different Chapters of Canada Company organize celebration events to offer thanks for their service to retired and serving members as well as their families. Events like ski days, pic-nics are just a few examples. We also facilitate their participation to diverse sport events offered to military members and their families across Canada.

Reserve Civilian Career Assistance Program (ReCCAP)

The general aim of this program is to provide reservists with the tools they need to help them find a civilian career in the area of the Reserve Unit they belong to. We also, in partnership with the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, facilitate the sharing of information with employers on the value added of providing reservists with the support they need to pursue their part-time career with the military.

LAV III Monument Program

With the specific aim of honouring the legacy of our troops who served in Afghanistan and celebrate our local heroes across the country, this program also raises awareness of the issues faced by Canadian military families in our own communities. There are 33 monuments planned across Canada, 29 of which will have been unveiled at the end of 2019.

Play Hard Fight Hard Exhibit Project

In collaboration with Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame this is a three years project supporting a 2D Exhibit on sports in the military. The exhibit outlines the storied relationship between athletic pursuit and military service in Canada from the 1880’s to today. Fourteen sports played within the military and by military teams and athletes are represented.

Commemoration Events

We also provide support to the organization of commemorative events, across Canada and abroad, recognizing the sacrifice made by the Canadian military in the past and recent years. This includes events related to military history and events celebrating our military.

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ExecConnect Program

This program’s aim is to provide opportunities for leaders of industry and communities to meet with members of the Canadian Armed Forces in convivial settings to discuss subjects of joint interest and/or to learn about the military traditions and history. The program includes round table discussions, luncheons with guest speakers, and military events such as Air Shows, mess dinners, etc. at locations across Canada.

Strategic Knowledge Exchange Program (SKE)

The aim of this program is to bring together Canada’s military and business leaders to engage in “real” conversations on shared topics of interest. To provide an exclusive, neutral platform for Canada’s top military personnel to engage our country’s top business leaders in discussions around immediate challenges facing them both.


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