BC Chapter, Donation to 4 Wing Padres Benevolent Fund

On Friday, June 3rd, 2016, BC Chapter President HCol Don Hewson led a group of BC Chapter Canada Company members to travel to CFB Cold Lake, Alberta to observe the annual Operation Maple Flag, held at the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range. Each year, contingents from a variety of allied militaries take part in one of the largest exercises of its kind. This year, our BC Chapter members had the pleasure of observing contingents from the US Air Force, the US Air Force Reserve, the Kentucky Air National Guard, the US Marine Corps, the Royal Air Force, and the French Air Force.

After engaging during the lunch break with military members of 4 Wing, which is based at Cold Lake, Canada Company showed their appreciation for the unique opportunity and pooled their donations together to provide the 4 Wing Padres Benevolent Fund with a donation cheque for $10,000. The Benevolent Fund then uses donations like this to support members of 4 Wing and their families in times of unexpected financial need.

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