The Walk for Remembrance and Peace

Four deserving members of the Canadian Armed Forces joined a contingent of Canada Company members and supporters on the first “The Walk for Remembrance and Peace” in Sicily. Over a 10 day period these troops visited battlefield sites, monuments and cemeteries connecting them with the sacrifice of their units during the Sicilian and Italian campaigns in 1943 and 1944.

They walked over 200K at times along the original paths taken by our soldiers in WWII.
They participated in over a dozen ceremonies with local civilians and Italian military to honour the sacrifice of those on all sides.

The group assisted in the unveiling of a new monuments to Canadians at Torrice, Italy. Two more Sicilian towns announced plans to honour Canadians with monuments which will be ready before the 75th anniversary of the Allied landings in Sicily in 2018.

The activity was sponsored by Canada Company and the 3rd Battery Montreal Artillery. Ian Murray and Terry Short of Mortgage Centre Canada generously sponsored the flights of the soldiers and piper

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