Strategic Knowledge Exchange

A regular roundtable forum held throughout Canada, the Strategic Knowledge Exchange (SKE) is an exclusive, neutral platform for Canada Company members and C-suite business executives to share thought leadership and best practices with the highest ranks of Canada’s military leadership.

Through our SKE events, Canada Company facilitates the participation of our members, senior military leaders, and defence specialists to freely exchange knowledge and best practices. These issues-focused roundtable discussions enable a high level understanding of current and future strategic approaches to matters of importance to the Canadian Armed Forces. They also encourage an interactive sharing of views on corporate, industry, and defence relationships.

With the vision of creating “real” conversations, the Strategic Knowledge Exchange provides opportunities that might help all of us, as leaders and influencers, build a better nation.

Fostering a Better Canada

SKE summaries below highlight some of the accomplishments achieved through these exclusive round table events.

Gender and Diversity: SKE IV, June 2017

  • 50 Canadian business and military leaders were welcomed by Her Excellency Sharon Johnston, CC, Honorary Captain (Navy) for Military Personnel Command
  • Focused on Gender and Diversity issues in and for the Canadian Armed Forces, participants engaged in presentations from:
    • Lieutenant-General Charles A. Lamarre, Chief of Military Personnel
    • Mr. Michael Bach, Founder & CEO of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
    • Ms. Nicole Verkindt, CEO of OMX and a Dragon on CBC’s Next Gen Den

2016 Defence Policy Review: SKE III, April 2016

  • Over 60 Canadian business and military leaders participated in focused breakout discussions around the:
    • Economic benefits of defence / defence as a catalyst for the economy
    • Impact of innovation and technology
    • Future defence workforce
  • Results of this round table event were incorporated into the 2016 Defence Policy Review by the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Participants enjoyed presentations from:
    • General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff
    • Mr. John Forster, Deputy Minister of National Defence
    • The Honourable John Manley, President and CEO of the Business Council of Canada

Defence Procurement and the Canadian Economy: SKE II, October 2015

  • Canadian business and military leaders gathered to explore how defence procurement strategies could kick start the Canadian economy
  • Participants focused on strategic approaches to leverage the power of military procurement to lift the economy

Economic Stability and Prosperity for Canada: SKE I, April 2015

  • 50 Canadian business and military leaders participated in the inaugural event which focused on how collaboration between Canadian businesses and the Canadian Armed Forces can create and reinforce economic stability and prosperity for Canada
  • Participants engaged in panel discussions, breakout groups, and enjoyed presentations on various issues around collaboration, cross-cultural understanding, and establishing areas of shared interest
  • Consensus was achieved between the business and military communities, with plans to host twice annual SKEs to continue fostering discussions about the future of military and business collaboration and cooperation