Kitchener, ON

Community Application Name:

City of Kitchener and The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada

Location :

Kitchener (Knollwood Park) Armoury
350 East Avenue, Kitchener, ON

Unveiling Date:

November 11, 2017

National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials # :

Community Description:

Kitchener was originally settled by German Mennonite immigrants and was first named Berlin. Then during the WWI anti-Germany sentiment within Canada, the name was changed to Kitchener, in 1916. Today, Kitchener’s population is over 233,000 and together with its neighbouring cities Waterloo and Cambridge, it forms what is known as the Tri-City area or Canada’s “Silicon Valley”. The community is also known around the world for hosting the world’s second largest Bavarian Festival, called Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest.

Kitchener’s military history took root during WWII with the establishment of The Scots Fusiliers of Canada and the creation of a local recruit centre, located at Knollwood Park. The recruit centre also became a primary training site for the Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC). Then after WWII the Fusiliers amalgamated with the Highland Light Infantry of Canada, from Cambridge, to form the present-day Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada (RHFC). The RHFC are a primary infantry reserve unit who still operate out of both cities. The RHFC deployed 63 members to various Task Forces in Afghanistan, and they all succeeded in their missions while suffering no casualties.

The Kitchener Armoury was built at Knollwood Park and is currently used by a rifle company of the RHFC and 1591 RCAC Army cadets. The Armoury has two monuments on display, a life-size CWAC statue and now a LAV III. Tourist may be interested to know that each Tri-City has a LAV III Monument on display.