Camps for Children

Camps for Children of Military Members Project 

The aim of this project is to support children of military members, including children with special needs or living with a parent suffering from PTSD, to attend summer camps where they can evolve in a carefree environment filled with opportunities to learn, grow, create and play. Children attending camps also provides their family with much needed respite care.

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Canada Company, in collaboration with Canadian Forces Moral and Welfare Services, is supporting children of military members with unique and often daunting lifestyle challenges, including:​

  • children with special needs ​
  • children of ill and injured members​
  • children of deceased members​
  • children of members who are on prolonged military assignments away from their family​

With significant financial support, Canada Company allows many children across Canada to stay at a unique and specialized summer camp to help them flourish.

The following photos were taken on July 16, 2019, during the visit of Mrs. Kerry Vance, Member of the Board of Directors and Mrs. Marie Claire Ouellette, Vice President, Administration, at the Maple Leaf Summer Camp, in Ontario.