Our Supporters

Thank You for Your Support

Through the contributions and support from members, donors, and sponsors, Canada Company recognizes and celebrates military members, their families, and our veterans across Canada.

Your contributions and support enable programs and services that serve to ensure the men and women and their families in uniform receive the support, care, and recognition that they deserve.

Thank you for serving those who bravely serve our nation.

Canada Company Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners are core contributors to Canada Company and the many programs and initiatives we offer. Thanks to their support and expertise, Canada Company is able to serve our military members.

Canada Company welcomes Strategic Partners to exclusive events, panel discussions, and our local and national experience days – as participants and speakers. In addition to the benefits of Canada Company membership, Strategic Partners are recognized for their generous support on our website, in our newsletters, and at our many national and local events.

Canada Company Members

Members of Canada Company lend their voices, expertise, and resources to ensure our troops are supported and championed.

Through regular round table forums, charitable events, and experience days hosted across the five regional Chapters, members learn about the challenges and missions managed by our men and women in uniform.

Our members contribute meaningful perspectives and lend invaluable support to our key stakeholders. Canada Company members are part of a group of prominent Canadians who proudly wear the “Many Ways to Serve” pin.

Canada Company Donors

Canada Company is grateful to receive contributions from its many generous donors and supporters. All of your donations go towards programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life for the Canadian military members, their families, and our veterans.

Canada Company Sponsors

Canada Company is a proud advocate for exchange and outreach between the Canadian Armed Forces and the corporate world. Thanks to the empowering partnerships and generous assistance from our sponsors, Canada Company continues to support our men and women in uniform.