Canada Company

Canada Company: Many Ways to Serve is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit corporation. An apolitical organization, it was established in May 2006 with a promise to stand shoulder to shoulder with our troops for the sacrifices they make every day. 

The organization has grown to over 600 members and has quickly established a reputation among senior Canadian Military leaders, media, and the business community as an enduring bridge between Canada’s Armed Forces and the corporate world. 

Canada Company focuses on making sure Canadians, who serve or wish to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces and their families receive the widest possible support, recognition and care they deserve. 

Canada Company is not a booster club, nor does it pick or take sides with whatever mission a government decides is appropriate for the Canadian Armed Forces.

What is the meaning behind Canada Company's motto?

The motto “Many Ways to Serve” in our corporate name provides an opportunity for Canada Company members to lend their voices, expertise and resources to ensure that our troops are supported and championed. This motto has guided Canada Company’s goal to raise Canada’s awareness of its soldiers to everyday consciousness.

Who are members of Canada Company?

Members of Canada Company include Canadian business leaders and leaders from the greater community. To date, the organization has more than 600 members and we continue to grow.

Please visit our Members Page for a complete list of members and more information about becoming a member of Canada Company.

What does Canada Company do?

Canada Company works in collaboration with representatives from the Canadian Armed Forces in identifying military members and their families, as well as initiatives that require support. Canada Company members lend their voice, their expertise and their network of contacts (business and community) to champion military men and women for:  

  • Equipment and tools needed to conduct their missions;

  • Access to high quality medical care both at home and abroad;

  • Authorized work leave and retraining programs when they return;

  • Improved and timely access to benefits;

  • Recognition and commemoration for sacrifices made by individuals who serve; and

  • Special scholarships for the children of the serving men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Working in association with the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, Canada Company promotes the profitability of partnerships by highlighting the benefits for employers to recruit reservists.

Visit our Initiatives webpage to learn more about Canada Company’s activities.

How is Canada Company financed?

Canada Company is a registered charitable organization. To date, Canada Company’s operating costs have been covered by the generosity of businesses and individuals.

How can I help support Canada Company?

Canada Company relies on the generosity of businesses and individuals.

How can I get information about becoming a member?

Send an email to Canada Company at to learn more about how you can become a member.