What We Do

The mandate of the program is to establish, foster, and drive the connection and relationship between Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans, and the leaders in the public and private sector who will offer employment opportunities.


  • "The MET Spouse program is a great initiative. I was a military spouse for 15 years, relocating every two or three years. If the MET Spouse Program had existed while we were moving around so frequently, I am certain it would have facilitated employment options and contributed to a reduction of anxiety and increased family happiness." - Leslie C., Military Spouse
  • "I am working towards my dream of founding my own start-up and still working with the Career counsellor and MET program. With their assistance and guidance, I know I will make this dream a reality" - David Macdonald
  • "I wish that I had been in touch with Canada Company earlier in my release from the Army." - Lu L.
  • "...having a company at my side, with a representative who actually responds personally to my inquiries and questions while offering coaching and guidance and a potential link or handshake with civilian employers, has proven to be one of the most powerful tools in my tool box." - Glen Zubiak
  • The MET Conference in Victoria was undoubtedly the best conference I have attended for recruiting. The attendees were engaging, asked excellent questions and were informed as to their situation. The venue was spectacular. It was, also, the best organized career session. We were greeted at the door, our name tags were ready for pick up, we were shown to our spot and asked for feedback upon our leaving. Well done, I will definitely attend the next Canada Company conference in Victoria. - Kari Jackson, CFP,FMA,RRC, Division Director, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.