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Randall and Associates, Inc. has been generous with their assistance in recruitment

Canada Company is pleased to partner with REPUBLIC, as our Marketing Communications agency of record. Leveraging REPUBLIC’s unbiased approach to brand building, this partnership will enhance the profile of Canada Company within the Canadian business community. 

REPUBLIC brings together specialists from across the marketing spectrum to curate and free brand stories.  The team’s deep admiration for our military and their proven success in defining and telling the stories of some of the country’s most beloved brands makes them the perfect fit for Canada Company. 

Canada Company Members

Members of Canada Company lend their voices, expertise and resources to ensure that our troops are supported and championed.

Canada Company makes it possible for its members to interact with Canadian Forces leaders to learn about the challenges and missions currently being managed by our men and women in uniform. Members meet with them and engage in an exchange of ideas and opinions. They can also participate in experience days that enable the Canadian Forces to showcase the dedication and training of the men and women who serve and the unique challenges they face. These military experience days feature various activities with the land, sea and air elements of the Canadian Forces and Reserves. 

Canada Company members are part of a group of prominent Canadians who proudly wear the “Many Ways to Serve” pin. 

If you would like to get more information, please contact:

Gary and Joanne Reamey

Gary and Joanne Reamey 

Gary and Joanne Reamey Support the MET Program 

Canada Company's Military Employment Transition (MET) Program received a huge boost with a very generous donation of $100,000 from Gary and Joanne Reamey. Gary has been a strong supporter of Canada Company since he joined as a member in April of 2006. His support of the MET program as a Founding Partner helps make it possible for Canada Company to offer a unique web-based Toolbox to offer transitioning Military members much needed career assistance as they transition to civilian careers with Canadian businesses. The donation also makes it possible for the MET team to educate our Employer Partners on Canadian military culture, understanding the Military Occupation Codes (MOC) and how these equate to civilian careers, and to further our commitment to hold CareerConnect sessions across Canada to unite transitioning Military members with Military-friendly employers. 
Thank you Gary and Joanne!

Canada Company Members

Canada Company Members
Mr. Paolo Abate
Mr. Mark Aboud
Mrs. Nancy Adamo
Ms. Sarah Adams
Ms. Margaret Adaniel
Mr. Brent Addison
Mr. Peter Aghar
Mr. Sandy Aitken
Mr. Jim Albanese
Mr. Al Albania
Mrs. Isabel Alves-Vettoretto
Mr. Gaston Allicie
Mr. Angus Allison
Mr. Patrick Anderson
Mr. Michael Andlauer
Mr. Frederic Angers
Mr. Tom Anselmi
Mr. George Armoyan
Mr. Brian Armstrong
Mr. Dave Armstrong
Mr. Joe Armstrong
Mr. Peter Armstrong
Mr. Ghislain Arsenault
Ms. Gail Asper
Mr. Ted Averbook
Mr. Sol Avisar
Mr. David Ayton

Mr. Tony Bagnato
Mr. Vincent Ballut
Mr. James Balsillie
Mr. Ian Bandeen
Mr. John Barford
Mr. John Barnett
Dr. Thomas Barnett
Mr. Mark Basciano
Mr. Matthew Bassett
Mr. Luigi Bastianelli
Mr. Greg Baum
Mr. James Baumgartner
Mr. Mark Beard
LGen [R] Stuart Beare
Mr. David Beatty
Mr. Mr. Alain Beauchamp
Mr. Pierre Beaudoin
Mr. Andrew Belanger
BGen [R] Marc-Andre Belanger
Mr. Phil Belec
Mr. James Belesiotis
Mr. Chris Bell
Mr. Conrad Bellehumeur
Mr. Doug Bellevue
Mr. Donald Belovich
Mr. Greg Belton
Mr. Doug Bennett
BGen (Ret'd) Ernest Beno
Mr. Patrice Bergeron
Mr. Richard Bertrand
Dr. Rodolfo Bianco
Mr. Scott Bigford
Mr. Rodney Birrell
Mr. Samer Bishay
Mr. Tom Bitove
Mr. John Black
Mr. Ronald Black
Mr. Rod Black
Mr. Dave Blackman
Maj Geoff Blair
Mr. Luc Blanchard
Mr. Paul Blanchard
Mr. Stephane Boisvert
Mr. Stephen Boland
Mr. Richard Bonnycastle
Mr. Bob Booth
Mr. Paul Bouchard
Mr. Michel Bourdon
Mr. Bruce Bowen
Mr. Bruce Bowser
Mr. Kevin Brady
Mr. William Braithwaite
Ms. Tanis Brako
Mr. Darrell Bricker
Dr. Lawrence Brierley
Mr. Daniel Brodlieb
Mr. Derek Brown
Dr. Ross Brown
Mr. Sean Brown
Mr. Bryan Brulotte
Mr. Craig Buckley
Mr. Gerard Buckley
Mr. Wayne Burke
Mr. Ed Burns
Mr. Stewart Burton
Mr. John Burzynski
Mr. Tim Bzowey

Mr. Jacques Cabana
Mr. Martin Cairns
Mr. Brendan Caldwell
Mr. Craig Campbell
Mr. Paul Campbell
Mr. Robert Carew
Mr. John Carinci
Mr. John Carmichael
Mr. Paul Carroll
Mr. Nino Cesta
Mr. Tim Cestnick
Ms. Jane Chaboryk
Mr. Yvon Charest
Mr. Louis Chenevert
Mr. Ross Christie
Mr. Michael Clabby
Mr. Bob Clark
Mr. Mark Clearihue
Mr. John Cleghorn
Dr. Gayle Climpson-Kennedy
Ms. Holly Coffill
Mr. Anthony Cohen
Mr. Nelson Comacho
Mr. Angelo Contardi
Mr. Randy Cooke
Mr. Michael Cooper
Mr. Richard Cooper
Ms. Darden Coors
Mr. Clare Copeland
Mr. Alain Cote
Ms. Jacynthe Cote
Mr. James Cowan
Mr. Mark Cowie
Mr. Dennis Craig
Mr. Bob Crane
Mr. Don Cranston
Mr. Bruce Creighton
Mr. Doug Creighton
Mr. Stephan Cretier
Mr. Fernand Croisetiere
Mr. Barry Cross
Mr. Dan Cummins

Mr. Michael DalBello
The Honourable Romeo Dallaire
Mr. Pat Delasalle
Mr. Paul Damp
HCol Robert Darling
Mr. Greg David
Mr. Tom Davies
Mr. Marcello De Cotiis
Mr. Mike DeGroote
Mr. Charles DeKovachich
Mr. Marc de La Bruyere
Mr. Jeronimo De Miguel
Mr. Dan Delany
Mr. Pat Delesalle
Mr. Tim Delesalle
Mr. Ennio Dell’Agnese
Mr. David Denison
Mr. Carlo De Rose
Mr. Jacques Desbiens
Mr. Francois Desjardins
Mr. Paul Desmarais Jr.
Mr. Donald Desrosiers
Mr. Marc Desrosiers
Mr. Kevin Devereux
Mr. Peter Devine
Dr. Tim Devlin
Mr. Michael Dignam
Mr. John Dill
Mr. Francois Dion
Mr. Mike Disley
Mr. David Dixon
Mr. Marty Dohm
Mr. Jason Donville
Mr. Kevin Dougherty
Mr. Brian Doyle
Mr. Kenneth Drabble
Mr. John Driscoll
Mr. Samuel Duboc
Mr. Michel Dubois
Mr. Brad Dunkley
Mr. Denis Dupont
Mr. Tim Duquette
Mr. Morgan Dyer

Mrs. Christina Eaton
Mr. Frederik Eaton Jr.
Mr. Gary Economo
Mr. Murray Edwards
Mr. Mike Ellis
Col [Ret'd]Geordie Elms, MSM, CD
Mr. Philip Evans

Ms. Tracy Fast
Mr. Louis Farley
Mr. Paul Farrell
Mr. David Feather
Mr. Andrew Federer
Mr. Michael Feola
Ms. Suzanne Fernando-Bowen
Mr. William Fielding
Ms. Wendy Findlay
Mr. Blair Finlayson
Mr. David Finnbogason
Mr. John Firstbrook
Mr. Karl Fix
Mr. Jock Fleming
Mr. Justin Fogarty
Ms. Kristine Fogarty
Mr. Winston Fogarty
Mr. Stephen Forbes
Mr. Chad Ford
Mr. Kevin Ford
Mr. Tim Ford
MGen (Ret'd) Alain Forand
Mr. David Fowler
Mr. Don Fox
Mr. Shaun Francis
Mr. David Fraser
Mr. Barry Frieday
Dr. Michael Fung-Kee-Fung

Mr. Tony Gaffney
Mr. Martin Gagne
Mr. Paul Gagne
Ms. Françoise Gagnon
Mr. Joseph Gagnon
Ms. Laura Gainey
Mr. Steve Gallant
Mr. Ron Gardner
Mr. Sylvain Gareau
Mr. Jeffrey Garrah
Mr. Raffaele Gergasi
Mr. Marcus Gillam
Mr. Brent Gingerich
Mr. Newton Glassman
Mr. Derrick Gleed
Mr. Ian Glenn
Mr. Blake Goldring
Ms. Judy Goldring
Ms. Angella Goran
HCol David Gough
Mr. Jay Gould
Mr. Glen Gowland
Mr. John Graham
Mr. Keith Graham
Mr. Anthony Graham
Mr. Martin Graham
Dr. Sven Grail
Mr. Marc Grandbois
Mr. John Grant
Major Richard Gratton
Mr. Fred Green
Captain (Ret'd) Trevor Greene
Mr. Roger Greenberg
Mr. Stephen Gregory
Mr. Alain Grenier
Mr. Pascal Grenier
Mr. Clint Griffin
Mr. Paul Grimes
Mr. Rob Grohn
Mr. Richard Groome
Mr. Philip Grosch
Mr. Greg Guichon
Mr. Donald Guloien
Mr. Mukesh Gupta
Mr. Matt Gutelius

Mr. Henry Hall
Mr. Jeff Hallat
Mr. Michael Hamilton
Mr. James Hankinson
Ms. Lynn Hargrove
Mr. Lee Harrison
Ms. Pauline Harrison
Mr. John Hart
Mr. Peter Hart
Mr. Darrell Hartman
Mr. Stanley Hartt
Mr. John Hastings
Mr. Ted Hawkins
Mr. Craig Hayman
Mr. Timothy Hearn
Mr. Joseph Heffernan
Ms. Daniele Henkel
Mr. Robert Herjavec
Captain (Ret'd) Adam Hermant
Mr. Mario Héroux
Mr. Steve Hétu
Mr. James Hewitt
Mr. Donald Hewson
Mr. Alan Hibben
Ms. Helen Hickey
Mr. Sean Hickey
Mr. Paul Hindo
Mr. Russell Hiscock
Mr. Greg Hitchman
Ms. Lauren Hitchman
Mr. Tom Hitchman
Mr. Timothy Hodgson
Mr. Sean Hoehn
Mr. Rod Hoffmeister
Mr. Tim Hogarth
Mr. Greg Hogarth
Mr. Murray Hogarth
Mr. Franklin Holtforster
Mr. Paul House
Mr. Brennan Howard
Mr. Bryce Hunter
Mr. Dan Hunter
Mr. Paul Hurwitz
Mr. Alan Hutton

Mr. Leo Iacono
Councillor Nando Iannicca
Mr. David Ippolito
Mr. Joel Ippolito
Mr. Warren Irwin

Mr. Dym Jack
Mr. Peter Jacobson
Dr. George Jackowski
Mr. Eric Jackman
Mr. John Jarvis
Mr. Piere Albert Jean
Mr. Tom Jenkins
Archbishop Colin Johnson
Mr. David Johnston
Mr. Ian Joseph
Mr. Ronald Joyce
Mr. Fracois Joyet
Mr. Carman Joynt
Mr. Alex Jurshevski

Mr. Joseph Kade
Mr. Moez Kassam
Mr. David Kassie
Mr. Peter Katsoudas
Mr. Robert Kearns
Mr. Douglas Keller-Hobson
Mr. Anthony Keenan
Mr. Ben Kendall
Ms. Anna Kennedy
LCol [Ret'd] Rick Kennedy, CD
Mr. Mark Kent
Mr. Nigel Kettle
Mr. Jim Killin
Mr. Robert Kinghan
Mr. James Kinnear
Dr. Peter Kircher
Mr. Anatolii Klepatskyi
Mr. Vahan Kololian
Mr. Rob Kumar

Mr. Joseph LaFramboise
Mr. Marc Laliberte
Mr. Peter Landmann
Mr. David Langill
Mrs. Kathryn Langley Hope
Mr. Jean-François Latreille
Mr. Richard Laughton
Ghislain Laverdiére
Mr. Robert Lawrie
Mr. Dave Lawson
Mr. Brian Lawson
Mr. Michel Lebeuf
Mr. David Lefebvre
Mr. Jean-Marc Legentil
Mr. Michel Lemieux
Mr. Matthew Leonard
Ms. Marie-Elaine Lépin
Mr. Georges Levesque
Ms. Jenny Levitt
MGen Reginald Lewis
Mr. George Lewis
Mr. Ron Lezon
Mr. Tony Loffreda
Mr. Allen Loney
Mr. Fred Losani
Dr. David Lough
Mr. Jon Love
Mr. Jerry Lozynsky
Ms. Katie Lyons

Dr. Patrick Ma
Mr. Gary Maavara
Mr. Dougal Macdonald
Mr. Tim MacDonald
Ms. Laurie Mack
Mr. Scott Mackintosh
Mr. John B. MacIntyre
Mr. Scott Mackie
Mr. Andrew MacKay
Mr. Hugh MacKinnon
Mr. Steven Mackinnon
Mr. Michael MacMillan
Dr. Todd Macuda
Mr. James Madon
Mr. Rob Maheral
LGen [Ret'd] Michel Maisonneuve
Mr. Jack Major
Mr. Marco Mancini
Mr. Stephen Mangotich
Mr. Fred Mannix
Mr. Ronald Mannix
Mr. David Mann
Mr. Gregory Marchetti
Mr. Dean Marks
Mr. Andrew Marsh
Mr. Claude Martel
Mr. Colin Martin
Mr. Mike Martin
Mr. Richard Martin
Mr. Randy Marusyk
Mr. Michael Marzolini
Mr. Rob Massaar
Mr. Michael Matviewshen
Mr. Joe Mazzocco
Ms. Susan McArthur
Ms. Ann McCaig
Mr. Andrew McCallum
Mr. Jeff McCord
Mr. John McDermott
Mr. Todd McDonald
Mr. Rob McEwen
Dr. Paul McGrath
Mr. Andrew McKay
Mr. Michael McKay
Mr. Blair McKeil
Mr. Fred McLean
Mr. Alan McMillan
Mr. Mark McQueen
Mr. Dino Medves
Mr. Steve Meehan
Mr. Kenneth Mellquist
Mr. L. Jacques Menard
Mr. Christian Mercier
Mr. Thomas Meredith
Mr. Tom Merianos
Mr. Gord Metcalfe
Mr. Jeff Mierins
Mr. Riley Milavsky
Mr. Robert Milin
HCol Stephen Millen
Mr. Glenn Miller
HCol Stanley Milner, OC,AOE, MSM, CD,LLD
Mr. Tom Milroy
Dr. Jack Mintz
Ms. Jean Miso
Mr. Garfield Mitchell
Mr. Justin Mitchell
Mr. Scott Mitchell
Mr. Ed Monaghan
Ms. Angela Mondou
Mr. Claude Mongeau
Mr. Terry Moore
Mr. Gary Morassutti
Mr. William Morneau
Mr. Gaelen Morphet
Mr. David Morretti
Mr. Bill Morris
Mr. Andrew Morrow
Mr. Lee Mosley
Mr. Peter Munk
Mr. Robert Munroe
Mr. Michael Murphy
Mr. Tim Murphy
Mr. Scott C. Murray
Mr. Sean Murray
Ms. Susan Murray

Mr. Chiko Nanji
Dr. Christy Natsis
Mr. Chris Naudain
Mr. Matey Nedkov de Lacamp
Mr. Richard Ness
RSM James Newell
Mr. John Newman
Mr. David Nicol
Mr. Gordon Nixon
Ms. Joanne Noble
Mr. Michael Norris
Mr. Gerry Nudds

Mr. Andrew O'Born
Mr. Earle O’Born
Mrs. Janice O’Born
Ms. Kelly J Ogle
Mr. Patrick O'Hanlon
Mr. Dennis O'Neill
Mr. Peter Osborne
Mr. James O'Sullivan
Dr. Robert Ouellette
Mr. Loudon Owen

Mr. Christian Pare
Mr. Marc Parent
Mr. Daniel Parenteau
Ms. Tori-Rae Park
Mr. Geoffrey Parsons
Mr. John Parsons
Mr. Scott Paterson
Mr. Prashant Pathak
Mr. Paul Pathy
Mr. Mario Pelletier
Mr. Walter J. Perchal
Mr. Greg Perkell
Mr. Alex Pettes
Ms. Ginger Petty
Mr. Pierre-Paul Pharand
Mr. Andrew Phillips
Mr. Mike Phillips
Mr. Roberto Pietrovito
Mr. Paul Pint
Mr. Eric Porter
Mr. John Poulos
Mr. Richard Pound
Ms. Cathy Preston
Mr. Evan Price
Mr. Andrew Pringle
Mr. John Puffer
Dr. Gerald Pulvermacher
Mr. Randall Purvis
Mr. Fred Pynn

Mr. Robert Raich
Mr. Cliff Randall
Mr. Ravi Ranganathan
Mr. Leon Raubenheimer
Mr. David Rawlings
Mr. Paul Reaburn
Mr. Brian Read
Mr. Gary Reamey
Mr. Kevin Reed
Mr. Hunter Reid
Mr. George Reifel
Mr. Dan Richards
Mr. Hartley Richardson
Mr. Gordon Ritchie
Mr. Michael Ritchie
Mr. Martin Rivard
Mr. Michael Roach
Mr. Charles Roberge
LCol [Retd] Colin Robinson
Mr. Bill Robson
Mr. Michael Rodger
Mr. William Rodgers
Mr. Greg Rogers
Mr. Greg Rokos
Ms. Samantha Roman
Mr. Barnaby Ross
Mr. Rocco Rossi
Mr. Bruce Rothney
Mr. Joseph Rotman
Mr. Ken Rotman
Mr. Michael Royce
Mr. Phil Rubano

Mr. Louis Sapi
Mr. J.F. Sauve
Mr. Marc Sauvageau
Mr. David Schellenberg
Mr. Kevin Schiissler
Mr. Sam Schneider
HCol Michael Scott, CM, CD
Mr. Robin Sears
Mr. Daniel Sefton
Mr. Graham Senst
Mr. David Sepulchre
Mr. Russell Shaw
Ms. Joy Shikaze
Mr. Hubert Sibre
Dr. Bill Siegel
Mr. Michael Sifton
Mrs. Marita Simbul-Lezon
Mr. Murray Simmonds
Mr. Bruce Simpson
Gen George Simpson
Mr. Charlie Sims
Mr. Francois Charles Sirois
Mr. Jordan Slatt
Mr. John Sleeman
Ms. Crystal Smith
Mr. Gregory Smith
Mr. Paul Smith
Mr. Philip Smith
Mr. Robert Smith
Mr. Roy Smith
Mr. Robert Smuk
Mr. William Sobel
Mr. Eddie Sonshine
Mr. Phil Soper
Mr. John Southcott
Mr. Frank Spaziani
Mr. Greg Speirs
Mr. Warren Spitz
Mr. Perry Spitznagel
Mr. Wayne Squibb
BGen. Gary Stafford
Mrs. Carmen Stang
Mr. Dimitri Stathis
Mr. David Steele
Mr. Lorne Steinberg
Ms. Mercedes Stephenson
Ms. Katherine Stevenson
Mr. Larry Stevenson
Mr. Donald Stewart
Mr. Ray Stewart
Mr. Jeff Stibbard
Mr. Steve Stipsits
Ms. Lindsay Stollery
Mr. David Streeter
Mr. Ganeshan Subramaniam
Mr. John Sullivan
Mr. David Suydam
Mr. Christopher Sweeney
Mayor Bob Sweet
Ms. Catherine Swift

Ms. Cherry Tabb
Mr. Larry Tanenbaum
Dr. Lynn Tanner
Mr. Bruce Taylor
Mr. David Taylor
Mr. Dave Taylor
Ms. Irene Taylor
Mr. Losel Tethong
Mr. Nicholas Thadaney
Mr. Martin Thibodeau
Mr. Andrew Thiessen
Mr. John Thiessen
Mr. Ronald Thiessen
Mr. Bob Thompson
Mr. John Tobin
Mr. Milan Topolovec
Mr. Max Torokvei
Mr. Cliff Trollope
Mr. Gregory Tsang
Mr. Wayne Tunney
Ms. Martine Turcotte
Mr. Douglas Turnbull
Ms. Martha Turnbull

Ms. Francine Vachon
Mr. Louis Vachon
Mr. Randy Vanderstarren
Ms. Renee Van Kessel
Mr. Richard Varkey
Mr. Terry Vaudry
Mr. James Veitch
Mr. Charles-Alexandre Vennat
Ms. Annette Verschuren
Mr. Gino Vettoretto
Ms. Alexandra Von Schroeter
Mr. Kenn Voss
Mr. Milan Voticky

Col Duane Waite
Mr. John Walker
Mr. Bruce Walter
Mr. Michael Ward
Mr. Regan Watts
Mr. Tim Wardrop
Mr. John Warren
Mr. William Waugh
Mr. Kevin Webber
Mr. Michael Wekerle
Mr. John Welsford
Mr. Richard Wernham
Mr. Jeffrey Westeinde
Mr. Gavin Westermann
Mr. Galen Weston
Mr. Daniel Whittle
Mr. Rob Wildeboer
Mr. Damon Williams
Mr. John Williams
Mr. Rick Williams
Mr. Gord Williamson
Mr. James Williamson
Mr. Malcolm Williamson
Mr. Brett Wilson
Mr. Geoffrey Wilson
Mr. James Wilson
Ms. Tara Wilson
Mr. Peter Willson
Ms. Victoria Wisdom
Mr. Dan Wood
Mr. Matthew Wood
Mr. Gene Woodbridge
Ms. Ruth Woods
Mr. Harry Worsley
Mr. Jim Wortzman
Mr. John Wright

Mr. Jonathan Yen
Mr. Jeffrey York
Mr. Dave Young
Mr. David Young

Mr. Steve Zissopoulos
Mr. Moses Znaimer
Mr. Mark Zwanski