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How We Deliver

How do we accomplish all this?  Simply put, our programs deliver education, they create employment, and they raise the profile of this issue in the public mind by celebrating our heroes.


Strategic Knowledge Exchange Event

The Strategic Knowledge Exchange and the National Transition exCHANGE are two national programs that bring together Canada’s military and business leaders for unique purposes.

Strategic Knowledge Exchange (SKE)

Strategic Knowledge Exchange

Key Facts:

  • 160+ Senior Business Leaders
  • 40+ Defence Leaders

An exclusive, neutral platform for Canada’s top military personnel to seek conusel from our country’s top business leaders to help resolve some immediate challenges facing the nation’s defence. Our military will leave with actionable recommendations and transferrable solutions, while our business leaders will leave inspired from this unique collaboration and armed with exclusive knowledge and expertise – helping foster a Better Canada.

National Transition exCHANGE (NTE)

Key Facts:

  • 300+ MET & METSpouse Members attended
  • 90+ Employer Partner Booths

The 2nd Annual National Transition exCHANGE in October 2015 brought together a range of speakers with expertise or first-hand experience in transitioning to civilian careers. It is our goal to foster an open dialogue in order to provide our MET Program members with a unique and informative experience, as well as the opportunity to develop and lead Canada’s transition expertise.

Our Ask the Sector Expert webinars provide opportunities for transitioning members to learn directly from subject matter experts and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries to gain information on hiring practices and support services they offer. We also conduct our own online MET and METSpouse Webinars to give our members an in-depth look at what our program and website have to offer. 

Ask the Sector Expert Webinars
Key Facts:

  • 12 planned for 2017

MET and METSpouse Webinars
Key Facts:

  • 48 planned for 2017

“Who you know” is always a plus in a career search, but it is doubly important when entering a second career. For that reason, we offer our popular SCAN Seminars (Second Career Association Network).

SCAN Seminars
Key Facts:

  • Regional and National Programs
  • 30 planned for 2017

Career Connect

CareerConnects target specific industries and companies experiencing labour shortages. Participants (both Veterans and Spouses) arrive well prepared through our advance workshops with a first-hand understanding of the employment opportunities and training on the skills necessary to seize these exclusive hiring opportunities.

Key Facts:

  • 2 Exclusive Regional CareerConnects planned for 2017


Military Employment Transition

The Military Employment Transition programs, MET and METSpouse, in cooperation with our Employer Partners, help Veterans and their Spouses with the transition to employment.

Military Employment Transition (MET)
     Key Facts:

  • 1,983+ and counting Veteran hires since 2013
  • 7,000+ MET Members
  • 255+ Employer Partners

Key Facts:

  • 51+ Military Spouse hires
  • 350+ METSpouse Members
  • 110+ Employer Partners

Celebrating our Heroes

Celebrating our Heroes LAV III

We believe in a country where all Canadians stand shoulder to shoulder with our troops, recognizing the sacrifices they make every day. The LAV III Monument Program honours the legacy of our military families and raises the profile of their issues in the community while celebrating our local heroes across the country.

LAV III Monument Program (LAV III)
Key Facts:

  • 10 LAVIII installments
  • 20+ in progress

For our brave families who have made the ultimate sacrifice and lost parents while serving on an active mission with the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canada Company Scholarship Fund (CCSF) funds scholarships so that their children can attend higher education without economic hardship.

Canada Company Scholarship Fund (CCSF)
Key Facts:

  • 107 individuals awarded to date
  • $426,000 awarded in scholarships

How Your Donations Support our Programs

84 cents of every dollar donated drives national programs for Veterans.

Canada Company is thankful for our growing membership base and corporate donors without whom our programs would not exist. This year we expanded our National reach to include Atlantic Canada and have added a number of corporate donors from a variety of industry sectors.

Credibility - 14% Fundraising ratio!

2016 was a milestone year for Canada Company. In terms of financial excellence, 2016 showed a strong fund-raising ratio – of every one dollar donated to Canada Company and our MET programs, $0.84 goes directly to the development, execution and offering of programs directly to our Veterans and Spouses.

Canada Company has over 255 Employer Partners, who have posted over 1,000 Hot Jobs through the MET program this year alone. We also hit a tremendous milestone for the MET Program, as membership grew to over 7,000. In 2016, over 800 Veterans were placed – an all-time high of over 3 Veteran hires a day.

Canada Company
Canada Company
MET & METSpouse
MET & METSpouse

Constant Improvement - We make things happen!

The National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces Ombudsman regularly reviews charitable programs to recommend areas of improvement. Below are just a few of the Canada Company initiatives that have resulted from recommendations made in the 2015 Subcommittee Report.

Recommendation 10: Establish a program similar to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes-initiative to help connect transitioning CAF members and Veterans with employers in communities across Canada.


In 2013,  Canada Company launched a Hire 10,000 Veterans in 10 years commitment.

Recommendation 11: That DND and VAC increase their outreach efforts with the private sector and encourage civilian employers to hire transitioning military personnel and Veterans, including these top priorities:

(a) Create an official, centralized website to coordinate public and private sector transition programs and help connect transitioning military personnel and Veterans with civilian employers.  

(b) Provide civilian employers with a better understanding of military-civilian job equivalencies.

(c) Enhance efforts to assist transitioning military personnel and Veterans to promote their military experiences, training, trades and skills to the civilian marketplace.

METForce 2.0

The only online transitional platform of its kind, this app connects members directly with employer partners.

Recommendation 12:  That DND and VAC develop and jointly manage an awards system similar to that of the CFLC, which would annually recognize private sector organizations that hire transitioning military personnel and Veterans.

MET Award 

Promotes public recognition of the exceptional contributions made by Certified Military Friendly Employer Partners.

MET Award

That DND and VAC sponsor the organization of military career fairs to help employers and Veterans connect with one another.

National Transition exChange


VTAC Report
VTAC Report
Subcommittee Report
Subcommittee Report