Our Outcomes

How Donations Are Spent

Change is hard work, and donations make it happen. Thanks to our donors, 2016 was an EPIC year for military employment transition.

  •  We helped over 800 Veterans in our program get jobs in 2016, or 3 Veteran hires a day—our strongest year ever!
  •  We now have over 7,000 members registered in MET, with 1,800 Veterans actively seeking our services.
  •  We have gained commitments from over 255 Employer Partners to build a better Canada and hire our Veterans.
  •  We launched the very timely METSpouse program in April, 2016 with tremendous results! Over 110 Employers have committed to this new program for military Spouses, with over 50 hires to date.
  •  We held our annual National Transition exCHANGE at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. Over 70 employer and transition partners attended as well as 208 members in transition. The 2nd Annual MET Top Employer Awards were presented to United Rentals, Bell, Calian, Aerotek, and Belair Direct.
  •  We will be launching the METForce 2.0 Digital Application sponsored by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) – connecting serving members, Veterans and Spouses with transition programs and employment opportunities in the palm of their hand!
  •  We awarded 107 scholarships to help children of the fallen obtain a higher education via the Canada Company Scholarship Fund.


We are honoured by the continued support of our donors, the military, and business communities, resulting in year over year program growth, illustrated below.
This stands as a testament to the recognition and respect Canadians have for the men and women who serve.

Canada Company
Canada Company
MET & METSpouse
MET & METSpouse
2015 Annual Report and Financial Statements
2015 Annual Report and Financial Statements


As with any transformative program, the real results are in the lives of our members.

Canada Company Scholarship Fund

“This makes all the difference, it’s a bittersweet moment. But we as a family​ choose to celebrate everything with a smile. It’s kind of just nice to know that there’s someone else out there that understands how you feel.”

Halsey Naismith Canada Company Scholarship Recipient​

Military Employment Transition (MET)

This 2015 CBC interview with our Director of Transition Services, Dwayne Cormier, gives a good overview of MET services.

“When the time came for me to apply and ultimately prepare for my first civilian job interview in over 20 years, I found the resources on the MET site extremely valuable and practical. I used some of the MET recommended terminology suggestions when I wrote my resume, and when it came time to prepare for the actual interview I stumbled upon the webinar series on the MET site and it literally became my go-to prep-in-box resource.​ I genuinely believe that Canada Company's MET program is making a difference in easing the  feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that come natural with such a major life change. “​

Cindy Tessier

Director of Communications, Lockheed Martin​


“The MET Program supplied me with the tools I needed such as resume writing and how to translate my military skills and experience to the business world. As a current business student at Ryerson University, my success can be attributed to MET’s articulate and detailed guidance helping military personnel transition to the civilian workforce.”

Ovais Ahmed

Veteran, injured in Afghanistan

Update:​ Today, Ovais has completed his degree at Ryerson, is pursuing his Supply Chain Logistics Management Professional designation and has started an Alumni group for Veterans at Ryerson! ​


“Many thanks for hosting the 2 METSpouse seminars yesterday. Wow! I really gained a lot of knowledge about the Program, the enlightened hiring industry, as well as meeting some really interesting new contacts. I’ve already forwarded my CV to 3 leads this morning. I’ve also logged onto the METSpouse website and scrolled through the Hot Jobs - very impressive! I applied for the Comms Advisor, in the Morale and Welfare office. Who knows?! Hats off to you and your team for bringing the Spouses out of the closet and into the mainstream! Truly appreciated.”                                         ​

Jennifer Lavoie

Military Spouse

Strategic Knowledge Exchange

“It would have been inconceivable 15 years ago to see a time where business leaders are actively seeking to exploit the talents of our folks in service and to do the same with their families; where there are leaders, organizations, and advocates at large who are seeking to shape Canadian culture while enabling and supporting the entirety of our Canadian Force members in their career transitions - with dignity and mutual benefit; and where our people in uniform themselves would see these things in action - be able to leverage them for their and business’ benefit - while remaining proud and a humble source of pride for their fellow citizens.”​

LGen (ret’d) Stu Beare

Former Commander Canadian Joint Operations Command​
  Strategic Advisor to Accenture, Public Safety and Defence

“I applaud Canada Company’s efforts to bring together a diverse group of business, political and defense leaders to discuss policy and procedure, and our defense strategy, both locally and internationally.  It is this kind of collaboration and sharing of diverse viewpoints that will help ensure a strong future for our Canadian military forces. ”​

Mike Hamilton

Senior Vice President, Sales and Distribution, RBC


This video gives a taste of Canada Company’s National Transition Symposium, 2015 edition, now the National Transition exCHANGE.

“I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to all of you on my behalf and on behalf of Bell. We are very proud and honoured that we won the MET Top Employer Award for a second year in a row. We are committed to support the Hire a Vet Program at Bell and we will maintain our role to help Canadian Veteran, Reservist and Spouse to transition to civilian life by providing them meaningful career opportunities.”

Tatiana Nazon

Senior Consultant, Talent Management, Bell Canada

“Our RBC Insurance Sponsorship and ad campaign provided total brand presence as well as Talent attraction. Both Kim and I had a great time being speakers in the “Ask the Sector Expert” and “Meet Your Next Employer” panels. Many comments back “Had no idea that an “INSURANCE” company had so many career opportunities and now they will look further at us for their next career as they transition out of the Military or as they continue in the Reserves.”

 ​ Marlene Mortesen

Global Recruitment, Senior Manager, RBC Insurance

“Thank you for being a motivator and reliable source of knowledge. I still have a lot to learn and am ready to make every possible effort to succeed. My next goal is to follow your advice to the tee, watch all your videos and put my new skills into practice.”

Transitioning Military Member