Our Mission

Supporting Canadian Military and Their Families

Our Goals for 2017

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To support our Military, their families, and our Veterans, our mission is focused on two key areas:

1. Celebrating our Heroes

Canada Company was founded at the height of the Afghanistan conflict. With 158 fallen soldiers, it was the vision of our Founder Blake Goldring and our many donors to provide up to 100 children of fallen soldiers access to post-secondary education.

Subsequently, the scholarship fund has grown to over $3.5 million and expanded to include children of military members who took their lives attributable to military service.

To commemorate all of our troops who served in Afghanistan, our LAV III program launched in 2014 offers communities across Canada the opportunity to feature the LAV III to commemorate the fallen who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Founder Blake Goldring
"When we started Canada Company in 2006, we were driven by a deep appreciation for the selflessness of our military. We wanted to protect the legacy of military families – providing children of Canadian military personnel killed in the line of duty with scholarships. Our appreciation for the military continued to grow and that’s when I started thinking that we could do something, something bold, something to champion our soldiers and help all Canadians benefit from their unique skillset and experience."

Honorary Colonel Blake Goldring

2. Building a Better Canada

5,000 Veterans leave the military each year. Many of them enter retirement and many are ill or injured, but a substantial number are heathy and in need of gainful employment, whether in a first or second career.

“There is evidence that Veterans themselves were frustrated and disappointed with their transition experiences. In addition to the Survey on Transition to Civilian Life, in an online survey, 37.6% of Veterans said they did not make a successful transition to civilian life (Black, T. and Papile, C., 2010). An in-depth, qualitative study conducted by VTAC of 25 transitioned Veterans found that 56% said their transition was moderately or very difficult.”

Recognizing this, Canada Company expanded its mission to include Military Employment Transition (MET) services.

The mission: to help get 10,000 Veterans hired by 2023.

Our MET program provides a wide range of educational programs, tools and career opportunities for military members and Veterans. Our METSpouse program enables and empowers viable careers for military spouses by offering unique and transportable career opportunities.

The Challenge

An online survey that the Royal Canadian Legion conducted in partnership with the University of Victoria in 2007 revealed that 54% of the more than 200 veterans surveyed described their transition to civilian life as “fairly difficult” to “difficult” and 23% as “very difficult.” The study also reported that 37.6% of the veterans surveyed felt they did not make a successful transition to civilian life.

Unfortunately, in 2015, the Veteran Transition Advisory Council Report does not paint a better picture.

A recent US survey that polled 2,453 Veterans and soon-to-be Veterans indicated that a meaningful job is the #1 concern when finding employment. Second is a concern over a culmination of cultural barriers and translating military skills. The majority of these issues can be helped through Veteran-specific corporate hiring practices.

With large military operations, such as Afghanistan, drawn to a close, the Canadian Armed Forces is facing an overall change in tempo with force reduction programs and budget cuts in effect. Typical releases in any given year can range from 4,500-5,000. Of these 5,000, 35%+ will be searching for second careers. Another 20-30% will require interim transition support eventually leading to seeking a second career.

In 2013, VTAC presented its Interim Report to the Minister for Veterans Affairs and identified systemic barriers preventing Veterans from transitioning to civilian careers, that are addressed by Canada Company as shown below:

Canada Company Initiative
Most private sector companies are not motivated to hire veterans
The MET Employer Partner onboarding program consists of structured education sessions that result in an increased awareness of the value of Veterans in the workforce.
Lack of understanding by both Veterans and employers of military skills transferability to civilian employment
The MET program aims to align the skills, knowledge, and experience of transitioning CAF members with the needs of employers across various industry sectors. This includes providing on-line tools and resources available to both transitioning military members and Veterans. In addition the MET program provides opportunities to connect face to face with military friendly employers.
Perceived need by the majority of Veterans that they believe that they need to go back to school for further training or certification in order to get the private sector job they desire
The Education Consortium was relaunched via the MET program in the spring of 2014, with the participation of 8 educational institutions across the country.
Lack of support tailored to cater to the individual transition needs of veterans coupled by lack of personal mentorship
In addition to the many programs and services MET currently provides to support the unique needs of transitioning members, Canada Company will be launching a new transition platform sponsored by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for MET and MetSpouse that will include mentoring in the fall of 2017.
Lack of a holistic transition plan for the veteran that includes the family’s needs
The METSpouse program started by Canada Company to support the needs of the spouses of Veterans will be launching nationally on April 19, 2017.
Lack of a one-stop, go-to service, both for serving members and veterans, that it independent of the government
Although the platform is supported by DND and VAC, it is solely administered by Canada Company. This mitigates military members’ concerns about indicating to their employer, DND, that they are considering transitioning options.
Accessibility to transition services and programs that are disproportionate to veteran population density
Canada Company has established local chapters across the country to support the needs of veterans and their spouses closer to home.
Lack of corporate support networks post-hire
Employer Partners of Canada Company offer corporate mentoring of new hires, which are in many cases former veterans.

Our Strategy - A Continuous Exchange

By creating a continuous exchange between Canada Company members, the prosperous business community and our remarkable military, whether in support of the children of the fallen or Veterans seeking second careers, Canada Company continues to find new and innovative ways to ensure our country remains a leader on a global scale.

Canada Company programs continue to expand on an annual basis.

Each year in June, our Scholarship Fund awards eligible children of the fallen with annual scholarships to support their post-secondary education.

Our MET program is extremely dynamic and continues to evolve as the needs of our transition members grow.

Our strategy is to enable and educate members, spouses, Veterans and business leaders to provide successful transition programs, ultimately connecting diverse military talent with great career opportunities. To do so we must:

  • Engage and educate as many members, Veterans and business leaders across our nation: This requires the delivery of on-site programs and workshops, on-line services and self-directed learning opportunities for thousands of members
  • Leverage innovative technology, a learning platform and digital applications to reach as many members as possible: Ensure all of our programs and resources are accessible to everyone at any time, in any location
  • Offer current and relevant programming to deliver impact – Increase MET awareness, deliver practical high impact programs, increase our user base and drive result

MET Goes Digital in 2017! The chart below presents our MET achievements in 2016 and our strategic goals going forward.

2016 Achievements
2017 Goals
Our Employer Partners hired 1,983 Veterans
To increase the hires of Veterans by 40%, or 3 hires a day, for a total of 2,775 new hires
In addition, our Employer Partners hired 51 Spouses
To increase Spousal hires by 200%, or 150 Spouses
Our membership of the MET program rose to 7022
To increase membership of the MET program by 25% to 8775
Membership of METSpouse rose to 300
Launch the MET Spouse program nationally and increase membership of METSpouse by 200% to 1,000
We leveraged our strong Employer Partner relationships and increased Employer Partners across industry sectors to 255
Increase 'hiring through' of current Employer Partners to 315
Membership of our METLite program for small-medium enterprise employers increased to 31
Increase membership of our METLite program by 30% to 40 employers
Our Talent Acquisition Partners increased to 11
Engage with Talent Acquisition Specialists to grow our partnerships by 5%
Our Educational Consortium increased to 8 educational institutions
Grow our national educational program by an additional 11 partners
Our LinkedIn group members rose to 1,000
Grow our social media impact on LinkedIn to 1,150
Our Employer Partners posted 2,679 job openings on our platform
To increase the number of qualified job openings posted for our members to 3,308

President's Message

For members of the military these numbers are very personal. Take a moment to listen to our President, Angela Mondou, talk about what Canada Company means to her.